MKMMA – Week 2

So here we are at week 2. This week we started using our Index cards. We have created 2 cards, one for a small chore and one for our DMP. During the weekly webinar we had to choose 2 PPNs from a list of 5. We had to write them out using our left hand and then choose 2 in a matter of seconds. Which I did. I am hoping that my subconscious mind chose correctly. My guide mentioned that I should choose the 2 PPNs that I am the most passionate about. I have thought it over and am second guessing my choice, but I think that might be the old blueprinting in action. We shall see what happens. We also have linked colored shapes to the PPNs that we have chosen, as well as promises to complete small tasks. We also had to rewrite our DMP with our 2 chosen PPNs incorporated into it. I have sent my revised DMP off to my guide and am hoping to hear back from him soon. I am keeping up with reading as best I can, but as a full time housewife and mom of two little ones it has been a challenge. I am making time for myself, so I can change my world inside and out.


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