MKMMA – Week 3

This week has been a crazy one. So much has happened both in MKMMA and in everyday life.

On Monday, we had Thanksgiving here in Canada. I was really looking forward to a family get-together where I would be able to host the feast with all the trimmings. I had spent the weekend shopping and planning, really looking forward to creating the perfect dinner….


Just my luck, it turned into an epic failure.

The guests, who never made a promise to be here, couldn’t make it. Also, my boys both got sick which made it impossible for them to sleep during the night, waking up constantly with stuffed up noses. They ended up on a vampire schedule, sleeping during the day and up all night. (Which I am still trying to rectify.)

I ended up cooking the dinner during the night before and then sleeping through most of the day. We wound up eating the turkey and trimmings as reheated leftovers. Not really the picture perfect Thanksgiving, with the family gathered around the table having a hot delicious meal and enjoying each others company.

It bothered me… I wasn’t really sure why, but it did. I had pictured things a certain way and was really looking forward to it. When it didn’t turn out, I was disappointed.

My coach had sent my DMP back from last week with some suggestions. One being that I really think about my current choices for my PPNs and possibly change them. Since then, I realized I may have to change one to Recognition of Creative Energies. I think I was mostly looking forward to the meal I prepared being well received and possibly hearing a few compliments. I have always wanted to be the wife and mother that is a wonderful hostess. You know, like Bree Vandekamp from Desperate Housewives.


As for other MKMMA studies…

I have changed my copy of GS, taking a pencil to the word “will” and reading it in the present tense. Telling my subconscious to manifest what I am reading NOW, not later.

I have also started listening to the audio recordings along with reading the MKs. This week Haanel teaches about the body and the Sympathetic and the Solar Plexus, which is connected through the vagus nerve making man a “single entity”. He then goes on to explain how energies created by thought are then radiated from us. Which I believe explains a lot about the “vibes” we get from people. Thoughts create Auras.  Also, proving that we are what we think, that stress can cause problems with the immune system leading to health problems.


Fear is the worst of these and Haanel states that it is the enemy of the Solar Plexus and must be destroyed. For a long time I have been afraid, anxious and under stress. These are things I am determined to change and I have incorporated this into my DMP. On my fears I cast “Riddikulus!!”  and I am learning to summon my Patronus, so as to protect myself from negative thoughts and influence. I am getting stronger every day, I am committed to completing the course and creating a new reality. I always keep my promises.


4 thoughts on “MKMMA – Week 3

    1. I agree, MKMMA should come first. If we are to change our reality we need to change our blueprint. I already feel like I am improving, it is becoming easier each day. I can’t wait to see where we all end up. Enjoy the journey! 🙂


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