MKMMA – Week 4

About a month has gone by since I started my journey. I have decided to make a change in my subconscious mind, so I can change my life for the better.

We learned this week about the human brain,  first the frontal lobe and the neural-net which is how our minds create a connection of a feeling or memory we had in the past and the way we make decisions, based on the memory of that thought or feeling. These connections and links with thoughts and feelings help to create what a person perceives as their identity. This is because the thoughts that we have on a consistent basis are actually creating new connections in our neural-net. “Thoughts that fire together… wire together.”  So, this is how we got stuck with our old blueprint. We had the same negative thoughts about ourselves and our lives, creating a link that then became what we perceived as our personality. Not knowing it was possible to change it, simply by  interrupting the old thought process, so the link in the neural-net grows weaker, and rewire the way we decide. This is why affirmations and reading passages of GS every day has such a massive effect on our subconscious mind.

There is another part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is a little factory that creates the chemicals that are excreted when we experience emotions. These chemicals are called peptides, small chain amino acids, that are assembled into neural-hormones that are different for each emotion. There are chemicals for happiness, sadness, anger, victimization and every emotional state. When we experience emotion, the hypothalamus creates a peptide for that particular emotion and excretes it into the blood stream. Every cell in our body has receptors, like little locks that the peptide attaches itself to and locks itself in place.

So what happens is, we create links in the neural-net through past experiences and emotions. So when we experience new situations and emotions, we are subconsciously running the old programming based on old data. We react the same way over and over again, feeling those emotions and releasing the same peptides to our cells. Our cells then become addicted to the same emotional peptides. The cells then send impressions to the brain, formulating images or voices in our head to think of reasons to feel those emotions again. The body is telling the brain that it is not getting a chemical need met. We will actually create situations in our lives to meet these needs, not knowing why we are doing it. This is why some people are self-sabotaging when things are going well. They are feeding an addiction. This is why some people are chronically depressed or angry, not knowing why.

We can choose to change these connections and chemical addictions. It takes time and effort, but we can create a new reality. This is why I am reprogramming my subconscious mind by spending my time reading the MKs, GS, DMP and index cards. I have made a promise to myself that “I can be what I will to be”. I am the gardener tending to the garden of my mind. I can choose what to plant and what I won’t allow to grow. I am continuing to work everyday, creating new habits. Practice makes perfect.



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