MKMMA – Week 5

Since we started I have been chugging along, keeping up with reading GS, MK, Index cards and having my “sit” every day. I have found a way to keep my 3 readings of the scrolls on track. I found an app for my phone with the scrolls at the touch of a button, along with an alert to read it at the appropriate times. I just skip the word “will” when I come to it, as I can’t cross it out on my phone, but it is such a habit to read it that way I hardly notice.


Something pretty surprising happened this week regarding the chore card. When we first started with it  a couple of weeks ago, we were asked to think of something that we could accomplish that week. At first, I thought of cleaning out the storage room in our basement as it was quite a mess and really needed to be done. Then Mark mentioned that we should think of something small, simple and easily accomplished. That “subby” wouldn’t know the difference, that any accomplishment great or small is the same to “subby”. So I decided to change my chore from cleaning out the storage room to simply cleaning the bathroom. I think it might have been that I was scared of the enormous task or it could have been my old blueprint just being lazy. I commited to the easier of the two and I did complete cleaning the bathroom that week, as promised. Later we were instructed to say “Do it now” 20 times a day, which quickly become my favorite mantra. I guess “subby” was listening and took it quite literally.

Yesterday, I was in the storage room looking for the Halloween box among all of the mess. Without making a conscious decision to do anything about it, I found myself stacking boxes, removing trash, and reorganizing the room. It was not on my chore card for this week. I had already finished this weeks task and wasn’t planning on taking on another.It kinda just happened. There really is something to these exercises.

This week we were told not to express our opinions. We are to take notice when we have them, but not to give them unless directly asked. I felt a lot like little Thumper from Bambi. I had to keep reminding myself that I was not to express my opinions, to just be the non-judgmental observer. It even had me debating what constitutes an opinion. Being a stay at home wife and mother of two little ones is hard when you question every thought you have.


I have made a commitment to changing the way I think. I will continue to learn and grow, following the weekly lessons and exercises. I have already seen improvement and can’t wait to see what other changes are in store.


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