MKMMA – Week 6

Mark and Davene are known for their use of analogy and humor when teaching during their presentations. They have a few catch phrases and idioms, but there is one that has had me puzzled.

On a few occasions, members of the MKMMA have mentioned they have had difficult situations with people (who are not a part of the program) that are disagreeable and unpleasant. These members have asked the leaders for advice, how to resolve the situations. After telling the members that they are following the path that is best for them and that they are doing great, Mark or Davene would say, “Shoot them a duece!” followed by laughter.

The first time I heard this I was shocked. I am a big fan of the show The Big Bang Theory, and I have seen enough of Amy Farrah Fowler’s work with primates to know that it is completely natural to want to throw waste at others that have upset you…. but come on guys! I couldn’t believe they were encouraging that kind of behavior. We are all supposed to be civilized human beings here.  I figured they were all in on some kind of joke that I just wasn’t in on yet.


I get it now. On the first of November, we started reading chapter nine. The scroll marked II. The power of love. They simply meant to send them love. Learn to love everyone. Friends, family, strangers, enemies and yourself. Learn to replace all negativity with love. Which might seem like the theme to a Disney movie.

This week we were told to create a movie poster for our DMP. Kinda like a vision board, but with the shapes and PPNs from the previous lessons incorporated into it. Along with a new mind key or symbol. A compass. Which is to remind us that we can continue to wander aimlessly or we can follow our dreams. Our compass is our heart, we will follow it to what we truly desire. We are to wear a compass on a daily basis, even if it is a broken one or a silly children’s toy. Which makes total sense to me. No matter what others think. They can call me crazy, I will follow my compass, and it will be a great adventure.


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!


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