MKMMA – Week 7

This week we were told that we would become stars. We had to create a musical version of our DMP. We were to choose a music track or karaoke version of a song that means a lot to us and then add a track of our own voice reading important points to it. This is great because we can listen to our musical version of our DMP when we are doing other things, like exercising or cleaning the house.

We also were put on a 7 day diet. Which usually is a bad four letter word in our house. This diet however is one that is quite different. It is a mental diet based on the teachings of Emmet Fox. We have all heard that we are what we eat. It is the same for what we think. How are we to have a happy fulfilling life if we are always dwelling on the negative? During the last 7 days we were to refrain from thinking of negative things. If we had a negative thought we were to recognize that we were thinking negatively and immediately switch to thinking of something positive. If we thought of something for more than a moments time, we are to start the diet over again.

I have always believed in keeping my thoughts positive. I scroll past negative news on my facebook feed and don’t read the paper. I do have a hard time with my opinions and negative emotions on a day to day basis. I am learning to stop dwelling on things, and to start thinking positively instead. After all, I only want to manifest good things in my life. I am still on my diet, and will continue to change my thoughts.

No negative thoughts


3 thoughts on “MKMMA – Week 7

  1. I think the food diet is easier…ha
    I have prided myself to stay away from negative but now having this special assignment I noticed I have missed a few items.
    So this is a great refresher course to keep my thoughts positive.
    It is work but so worth it.
    Stay Strong.

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