MKMMA – Week 8

This week we reviewed all that we had accomplished since we started. It was a look back but also a look forward. We are almost a third of the way through our journey. Time to celebrate our accomplishments.



We have spent a lot of time reading, sitting and reprogramming our subconscious minds, by controlling our conscious thoughts. We have chosen our PPNs and written our DMPs, editing and providing more detail and emotion to create a clear vision of what we want to manifest.  We have filled in lines of our index cards with promises of service, linking them to the colored shapes. We have written our blog entries and our press releases. We have created our vision board and posted our colored shapes with the SMART goals around the house. We have started to build a relationship with the guy or gal in the mirror. We have gone on a mental diet and learned to make love our greatest weapon and our shield. We are learning  to follow our compass to our dharma. We are starting to chip away at the cement and the golden child is starting to shine through.


Today is my birthday. I have given myself a wonderful gift. I have spent a long time in my 30+ years living with my old blueprint. I have written most of it myself, along with contributions from others based on their opinions.  It has not served me well. My neuro-net has been wired to keep my cells pumped full of pesky peptides. I have been floating along in the river of mediocrity. I am sick and tired of it. I have had enough of being held back. All of the hard work I have put into this journey is starting to pay off. I have discovered small clues to the changes in my subconscious. I am more emotional lately, a lot of tears. I am also a lot happier, expressing love and appreciation for all of my blessings. I am dreaming a lot more than I have in a long time. I see a wonderful life that I am creating through positive change and manifestation. I made a promise to make a drastic change. I have committed to this journey, and I always keep my promises. I can`t wait to see what the future holds.


3 thoughts on “MKMMA – Week 8

  1. Happy birthday, Thanks for sharing your struggles. You are not alone, everyone of us has them, if we are being honest. We are all here to admit that, and do something about it. I have had the hardest time believing that all this was going to pay off, but because of people like you, that are honest about your challenges. Makes me feel that i’m not alone in this crazy stuff. So thank you for your transparency.

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