MKMMA – Week 13

This past week has been a crazy busy one.

First of all, our Christmas check which was lost in the mail finally arrived on Wednesday morning, just 2 days before Christmas. We were so happy. We went to our bank to cash the check, but they wanted to put a hold on it for 3 weeks! So we took the check to a check cashing store. After waiting for 20 minutes in line, we were told that we couldn’t cash the check because the teller at the bank had written on the check. Which meant the check was void.We were so upset! We had to go back to the bank and speak with the teller. She told us that the check was fine and they should have accepted it. She phoned over to a different store and told them what had happened. She was told that they would accept it. So we went to the store she called and they accepted it. Crisis averted.

It is quite interesting how the idea of losing the check we had in our hands, along with the idea of what we could have purchased with the money was so upsetting. We immediately took action to change the situation.

This is a great example of NARC and the technique Mark suggested on the webinar this week. The idea of not having the money was so disappointing.  We had to do something about it.

We were able to do some last minute shopping to buy a few presents and some food for Christmas. We had a wonderful time when the whole family got together on Christmas eve, and we had so much fun when the little ones opened their gifts Christmas morning. The joy was short lived though.

Right before Christmas dinner, my husband got very sick. Followed by both of the boys on boxing day. Then I got sick yesterday. So the holiday ended with the household having the flu for the rest of the weekend.

Again, another example of being so thankful for something we take for granted until we no longer have it. We are all doing much better and are so very grateful for our good health.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holiday season.


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