MKMMA – Week 15

During the past week I have really been focused on my personal makeover. Especially since I posted last week what I wanted to accomplish this year as my New Years resolution.

First, this week we were told about Benjamin Franklin and his 13 virtues. He had made a chart and a system to look for examples of these virtues and made changes in his life. We were told to choose a virtue and focus on it. We already have these virtues within us, otherwise we would not be able to recognize examples of it when we see it. When we see an example of these virtues we are to mark it down on a chart. You can read more about his work here.


This is great because I was already recognizing examples of persistence while we were reading scroll III every day. So I chose to continue looking for examples of persistence.

I was able to find many examples of this, especially in stories people told of challenges they had faced and were able to overcome even when the odds were stacked against them. They were able to stay on track and pushed through the challenges and were able to succeed in the end.

We were asked to watch a movie from the list of choices we were provided. Even though we were asked to cut the cords of our TV sets only a few weeks ago. I guess they like movies and don’t care much for television series. I don’t agree, but that’s my opinion. (I’m only kidding. Although it is a bit confusing. I am not sure where they stand on TV. Davene does like the movies though.)


Anyways, I finally watched one of the movies on the list. I watched October Sky. It is a great movie about a teen boy  by the name of Homer who discovers his definite major purpose, which in his case is building rockets. Even though he has no idea how to build a rocket and isn’t that good with science  and is flunking math. He seeks out someone who is, a boy named Quentin. With the help of his friends Homer and the rocket boys make hundreds of rockets learning more through each failed attempt. Homer’s father is against him following his dream and wants him to go to work in the mines. His teacher, Miss Riley has faith in him and wants him to enter into the Science Fair. The boys go through many challenges, but in the end with persistence and a little encouragement from friends and family, Homer succeeds. He accomplishes what he has set out to do. I am not going to give it all away, I hate spoilers. If you haven’t seen this film it is definitely worth watching.

This is a great example of persistence and I have seen a lot more over the course of the week.

I am also focusing more on the power of words. I am paying close attention to the words I am using and doing my best to replace weak words with powerful ones. I am concentrating on Insight as Haanel teaches. I am making a determined conscious effort to clothe myself in the words that I want my life to be.


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