Week 22



I am a huge fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, so when Mark used the masquerade ball as a metaphor for the way we all play roles in our lives and that in order to find our true selves we have to stop believing that our roles define who we are… I couldn’t help but thinking of The Phantom of the Opera.

I love the movie starring Gerard Butler and they did a wonderful job. I had the collectors version and it included a behined the scenes look at the Broadway show. Including some secrets of how they created the illusions on stage. I wished I was able to see the live show, and a few years later I was so excited, thrilled and grateful when I was not only able to see the show live, but I was able to go to the Magestic Theater in New York City. It was magical! I was amazed at the tricks they had performed on stage. Including the one from the musical number at the beginning of Act II, “Masquerade”. Here is a video of the performance on stage:


The trick here is that in order for it to appear as if there are so many people on stage, some of them are not real . There are mannequins positioned at the top and sides of the staircase to make the stage look as if it is filled with performers. They fool us into thinking they are real people through the choreography.

Mark made it very clear to me by using this metaphor, we are fooling ourselves into believing that we are the roles we play. In order to find our authentic self, we need to abandon our associative memory’s perception of who we are. To remove the cement and find the pure potentiality within, so we can manifest our dreams.

We have already learned that we live the life we choose. We also learned about the comfort zone and that we tend to stay within our comfort zone when faced with choices that would make us feel fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt or unworthiness.

We also know that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. So now we use these feelings as tools instead of allowing them to hold us back from accomplishing our goals.

Fear – protects us, keeps us from hurt but we can use it as a tool. Fear also brings energy, intense focus and concentration. It eliminates all distractions and brings alertness. When we physically feel fear glucose, adrenaline and other energy producing chemicals are released into our blood stream. This kind of alertness turns thought into action.

Hurt feelings – Nobody has hurt feelings over things they don’t care about. Instead of having a pity party, we can use the same energy to find ways to get what we want. To remind ourselves that we are hurt because we care. We can change our beliefs and accept that other people have a different opinion and point of view.

Anger -Massive energy! Be the observer. Using the laws of substitution and dual thought, we can take the energy and use it towards our goals. “The best revenge is living well” – Frank Sinatra.

Guilt – Anger directed at ourselves. The same way anger carries energy we can use this energy to make amends.Use the energy to manifest your dreams. We can modify or change our behavior. We don’t need to beat ourselves up. We all make mistakes. Just learn from mistakes and change. When feeling guilty for not doing something or procrastinating, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Be honest.We know what we are supposed to do, and feeling guilt means we are aware of what needs to be done. Guilt is proof of your goodness and that you know what is right.

Unworthiness – Be the observer. Give yourself permission to be happy. We are worthy of anything we want,but not worthy of everything we want. We just have to choose. Focus on the one thing we want. We would rather make excuses about not being good enough or deserving enough than to make a decision. Accept that you are nature’s greatest miracle and you are worthy. Unworthiness also keeps us on the path we are supposed to be on, it keeps us on track. Ask yourself the question, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

Now that we know about the tools, it will take some time and practice to learn how to use them well. Be the observer and remind yourself of the tools and use the laws of the mind and dual thought. Practice makes perfect. We are to become self-directed thinkers. Be an adult. You don’t need to keep accepting the old ways. Deepak Chopra teaches us about Object Referral and Self-Referral.

In the Hero’s journey we come to a point where we have to continue the journey without the help of mentors and helpers. They are there to teach us, but we are going to have to find our own way. We have our tools and we are well prepared. We have learned from the scrolls about love, persistence, appreciation and gratitude. We can stay within the comfort zone… or face our fears, take a risk, follow our bliss, go on an adventure and find the magic outside of the comfort zone.







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